Alumni Profile: Nick Palladino

IMG_0524Curious about teacher training? Check out what our alumni are doing!

YGSF 200-Hour Teacher Training Graduate Nick Palladino was recently featured in  Yoga with Nick Palladino of Stonestown YMCA on AskMissA.com, a popular on-line magazine.

For Nick Palladino, (RYT, ACT, Holistic Health Coach) former college athlete and current yoga teacher, health and fitness have always played an important role in his life. Straight out of college he landed a corporate management job that left him “stressed out of his mind.” Practicing yoga started as a stress outlet but quickly turned into an opportunity to seek happiness and balance. The moving meditation allowed the space and time for him to realize bringing in the big paycheck every month was not bringing happiness. “I owe yoga for saving me from a life of stress and no purpose,” Palladino admits.
A year later, he quit his job to travel Asia and Mexico teaching English and practicing yoga. Read the rest of the article here…

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