August 2nd – Yoga Mat Clean Out!

A photo of the mat storage areaOn August 2nd Yoga Garden will have an Official Mat Cleaning Day.
On this day all abandoned mats are cleared out of the first floor cubby area as well as the 3rd floor mysore room. If you are a member keeping your mat here at Yoga Garden we invite you to please take your mat home and clean it on or before this day. 

All mats left behind at the end of the day on August 2 will be removed and kept in the back storage room. You will have 30 days to retrieve your mat from the back storage room, after that all remaining mats will be recycled or donated.

Yoga mats require regular cleaning, so this is also a great opportunity for you to freshen up your own mat.

You may bring your mat back to Yoga Garden on or after August 3rd. As a reminder, these are the rules for using our personal mat storage:

  • must have a current Yoga Garden membership
  • must have attended class within the past 2 weeks
  • must have your name written on your mat
  • must keep your mat clean and odor free