Client Survey Results: May 2009

Student Survey Invites New Course

Your response to our new services survey been tallied. We were really overwhelmed by the responses and surprised by the results. The information gleaned from this survey will help Yoga Garden management choose a path for expansion that meets the needs and wants of our existing and new students.

What we found most surprising was the level of interest in non-Iyengar classes. Of our current students, over 70% are, or might, be interested in taking Ashtanga, Anusara, or Flow yoga classes, and in general, more physically classes. Over 40% already are taking these classes elsewhere. The highest level of interest was in Restorative yoga followed closely by yoga flow and core workout classes.

Among spa and wellness services, the most popular (interest and current usage) are massage and acupuncture, followed by ayurveda. Nearly everyone wants a cafe! Perhaps the most important information that we got from our students is that the large majority is excited by the prospect of these changes.

Our Response

Since we opened over 11 years ago, we developed a commitment to four principles: 1) teach yoga safely, always to improve a persons’ health and well being rather than causing harm; 2) keep it grounded in real experience, starting with the physical experience and moving to the spiritual practice and benefit as a human revelation devoid of cliche or dogma; 3) keep it interesting-yoga works because it is more than relaxation, more than a workout, more than meditation-it’s an unfolding of self discovery, growth and health; 4) wellness and mindful practice needs the support of community, and our center is dedicated to unpretentious, real relationships based on trust, respect, and a shared interest in personal growth.

Over time, we will add flow yoga classes, core workout classes, and restorative classes, to enhance what we already offer to enhance the value of your membership. We will offer more options for wellness through classes and services such as massage. We will not sacrifice our commitment to competence, authenticity, and community.