Free to Fly: Exploring Handstands

354Join us for this workshop on handstands with Karen Macklin and Ariel Mihic. Standing on your hands offers physical, energetic, and emotional benefits for everyone. It also teaches us how to be more fearless and free both on and off the mat. Handstands strengthen our wrists and fingers, open our shoulders, help us to be more playful, and offer us a new perspective from which to view the world.

This popular (and now longer!) workshop, taught by Karen Macklin and Ariel Mihic, will help new handstanders to build the strength and courage needed to go upside down with stability and ease, and will offer refinements and new entries into the pose for more experienced handstanders. The workshop will include an energetic flow, partner work, strength-training exercises, and meditation. Bring your willingness and a sense of humor!

Prerequisites: Ease and stability in plank and downward facing dog (you can hold each for one minute).

Cost: $40 by August 16; $45 thereafter

Register on-line here!

Karen Macklin (www.karenmacklin.com) is a local yoga teacher, Acro Yogi, and writer in San Francisco. Ariel Mihic (www.arielmihic.com) is an Acro Yoga and Yoga Slackers teacher. Karen and Ariel met through their love of play and all things upside down.