Free Video Showing: Psychology of Birth

Couple outdoors holding and kissing newborn baby.The Psychology of Birth: Invitation to Intimacy by Elmer Postle, with Resident Midwife & Doula, Angelica Nugent

Join us for a free viewing of this significant new documentary, which  takes the viewer through the science, wisdom and heart of birth.

This film explores the radical implications for each of us and society of acknowledging conscious awareness in urtero, during and after birth. Research has answered the questions of whether we are aware in utero and whether these experiences have an effect on our subsequent lives. We now have the responsibility of ensuring these experiences benefit our children, ourselves and society.

Safety, support and connection (bonding through continuous physical and emotional contact) are the most vital of elements necessary for human development. This need begins in utero and is essential throughout birth and the  foundational years of childhood. What is the relevance of this information to adults? Our own experience informs all that we do and how we are in life and society.

Watch a clip here and register for this free event, by clicking here.