Going Topsy Turvy: Practicing and Preparing for Inversions with/ Ana-Mari Hamada

The inverted poses, headstand and shoulder stand are considered the most important poses for daily practice   because of their profound effect on of the body’s physical and emotional health. The purpose of this class is to provide you with the foundations to practice these poses safely and with greater skill. In this 2 hour workshop, Ana-Mari will help you learn how best to prepare for these poses as well as howto adapt the poses for common limitations. It is may also be useful foryoga teachers or teachers in training seeking to learn when and how to introduce inversions, what to look for in observing students in them,and how to modify the poses . You need not have a current practice ofinversions to participate and the class is open to all students who have taken at least 6 months of yoga classes. Workshop cost is $35. Early Bird discount before March 18 is $30. 10% discount to Yoga Garden SF members. Register Here.