Hot Yoga Classes Are Here!

hot yoga classes

As our community grows, so too does our capacity to offer our students a greater variety of exciting new ways to tap into that flow state. We asked what you’d like to see in our studios, you answered, and now, we’re delivering: hot yoga classes are now available in our Sunset studio! From November 7th, we’re bringing you the deeply cleansing sweat so many of you crave — four days a week, in both the morning and evening.


Tuesday, 5pm • Hot Yoga Align with Tammy Hayano
Thursday, 6:15pm • Hot Yoga Flow with Rosa Linley
Friday, 7:30am • Hot Yoga Flow with Serena Vargulick
Saturday 10:15am • Hot Yoga Flow with Serena Vargulick

Find the full schedule for the Sunset studio here.


If you’ve yet to try this fairly recent take on our ancient fave,  you can expect a handful of extra benefits with sustained practice. Like any deep sweat, hot yoga offers a cleansing experience that can work wonders to expel toxins from your body. This includes your pores, for all you skincare aficionados!

Heated environments increase blood flow throughout the body and into our muscles and connective tissue, which increases flexibility and range of motion while reducing the risk of injury. And some studies even associate hot yoga with increased bone density in older women. But beyond the physical, this practice is also shown to reduce anxiety, and stress.

Health and Safety Tips

Dehydration is a serious risk during hot yoga classes. Please be sure to bring plenty of water and a small towel to reduce the risk of illness and injury. Pregnant people and students with diabetes, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, or any other pre-existing conditions that cause heat sensitivity should consult their doctors before attending a class. And as always, we encourage you to listen to your body if you need to find child’s pose or step outside for fresh air.


We’re absolutely thrilled to get this practice started in the Sunset studio. Keep an eye out for updates as we assess the demand and capacity to expand into other locations.