How/why does yoga work?

person meditating outdoors

Ok, you’ve been taking yoga classes for a few weeks or months now, and it feels pretty good, right? You probably know that there is more to this than just stretching and moving and breathing, but what is it about yoga that makes you feel good? How can we claim that this exercise program is a spiritual practice? How can stretching a ham string or feeling the soles of your feet connect with the earth lead you to well-being, vitality, peace, and a purpose in life?

Three hours of yoga and discussion and get these questions answered by one of Yoga Gardens’ most senior teachers, Chrisandra Fox, this weekend. We’re extending the early registration deadline through TODAY ONLY. (save $10).  AND all members get an additional 10% off the cost of the program.

This workshop will give you a philosophical and practical understanding of the science and art of hatha yoga. We’ll examine benefits of practice and how to address the obstacles that prevent us from experiencing yoga, and the essence of who we really are. Prepare to explore physical postures, ways of working with energy, breathing exercises, meditation techniques; a weaving of discussion and direct experience to get inside the practice and understand how yoga works for each of us.

Cost for this workshop is $45. Register by the end of TODAY, July 8, and save $10

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