I had an amazing experience at Yoga Garden today.

It was my first day of a 30-day intro membership ($65 for one month of go-as-much-as-you-want… well, one class per day, but honestly, who wants to go to MORE than one class per day?).

Sonya was my instructor, and she was just incredible.  So conscious and helpful in her descriptions of all the poses.   I am a teacher myself (not a yoga teacher — but a voice and violin teacher, among other things) and so I am very picky about pedagogy.  And she has it down.  She had obviously spent a lot of time planning the class, and has lots of experience.

The space is also airy, with beautiful hardwood floors, big windows, lots of light and even a kitchen.  It is a beautiful 3-story SF house converted into a studio and it is full of good energy.

I have attended classes at a few other studios in the city over the past years — including Yoga Tree on Valencia and Bikram Yoga in the Mission — and my experience at Yoga Garden was by far my favorite.

Oh, did I mention that there were only 5 people in my class?  It was a beautiful day out, and it was a weekday 12-1pm class…. but still.  Loved the small class size.  Lots of individual attention.

In summary… Yoga Garden = YES!!!

From Toby B. on Yelp