Master Class: Mindful Movement into Stillness

by David Nelson

In this Master Class, I will attempt to demonstrate a guided progression from outer body to inner awareness through a basic asana and pranayama practice. The class will be taught in the style of BKS Iyengar. It can be challenging for adept students and will be accessible for all levels of practice and ability. Vinyasa and Ashtanga students should view this class as an introduction to a different way of practicing and a compliment to their existing practice.Yoga is offered to the world as a panacea for stress, aging, social injustice, self judgement, and much more. Most of us can attest to the benefits that yoga practice has given to us and the potential we see for the world as more people practice. But how does yoga work? How can standing in Triangle Pose, or flowing from Upward-Facing Dog to Downward Facing Dog bring about these benefits?

Yoga Garden SF’s teacher training program is based on a simple philosophy that lies in the heart of yoga practice, that we are essentially one with the driving force of the cosmos and that our human existence is a path back to that awareness. We are endowed with flesh, mind, senses, judgement, fears and aspiration, memories and longings-all elements of being human and all tools for our yoga practice to return us to an awareness of what is eternal within us.

Our program starts with the soles of our feet, our toes, our ankles…it moves into our breath, our heat, our ears and eyes, our skin…and delves into our thoughts, our presence, our expanding awareness, and our relationships with the world around us, as we look inward towards our own essence. As practitioners, we strive for this journey in every practice, in every asana, and in every moment. As teachers, we try to lead our students through this journey during each practice and over our relationship with each student. To explore this concept further, we invite you to join us at Master Class and hear first hand from Yoga Garden Alumni about their experiences.

David is a certified Iyengar instructor and ERYT-200. He has taught yoga since 1998, is a co-owner of Yoga Garden SF. For more information about his practice and teaching click here.