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teaching kids yoga

Join us for mini yogis Teacher Training on September 29 and 30! If you love yoga, and you love kids, come join us for mini yogis yoga for kids teacher training! Spend eight hours stretching your mind—and body—in ways you’ve never even imagined. Focusing primarily on children ages eight and under, this two-day course will help you to develop your own yoga program for children.

Through the use of themes, games, music, books, and other props, we will learn how to transform traditional practice into a creative, stimulating, and—most importantly—FUN yoga experience for kids. We will cover breathing, asana and movement, meditation and relaxation. You will experience a one-hour mini yogis class, and learn how to design practices that encourage children to be strong, self-confident, and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

What will be covered: *Getting children to open up to the class * Sample class * A one-hour free class held for local children ages 3-8 * See how a typical kids’ class is facilitated * Transforming classic poses * Learning how to turn traditional yogic asana into fun, interactive kid-poses * Interactive activity—creating poses * Sun Salutations * Introducing children to Surya Namaskar A & B in creative ways * Interactive activity—working with variations * Songs and Music * Incorporating children’s songs into the practice * Utilize singing and prerecorded music * Interactive activity—song-based movement * Mental, physical, and spiritual guidelines * Overview of yama, niyama, and other yogic precepts * Why yoga is good for kids * How to teach yoga to kids * Classes from books * How to use books to engage children in the practice * Written sample class will be covered * Interactive activity—book teaching * Developing themes * Flexing our mental muscles to come up with unique class themes * Incorporating various means and media * Written sample class will be covered * Interactive activity–mind mapping * Games, props, and toys * Overview of how certain games, props and toys may be used in the practice * Group and team poses * Introduction to group and team poses * Interactive activity—trying examples and creating new team poses * Practice teaching with props * Individual activity—teaching to the group * Breathing, relaxation, and guided meditation * Getting kids to relax

Cost of the program is $329.

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