Meet Dharma/Dharma Yoga

David and Dharma Mitra in Parivrtta Janusirsana, Sausalito, 2001
Dharma Mitra and David Nelson in parivrtta janusirsana, Sausalito

One day years ago, Marisa took me to a yoga studio she liked in the East Village, up some stairs to brightly pained, carpeted sanctuary above the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. She was introducing me to Dharma Mitra.  About halfway through class he had us go up into a headstand, then he walked over to me and told me to take my hands off from the ground and just balance on my head.  I trusted him, I did it, and I didn’t die (I also only held it for, like, half a second.)

I’d known of Dharma for a couple of years, ever since I first saw him posing in the fantastic 108 Yoga Postures chart that used to adorn every yoga studio.  Here was the man himself, and he did not disappoint. As I got to know Dharma over the following few years, I witnessed a person who had given his adult life to the practice of yoga-an adept master who has walked the complete path of yoga in selfless service.

So we are really happy to have Misha Jade Kiyomura, a student of Dharma Mitra,teaching Dharma’s classes at the Garden. Dharma Yoga consists of a 4-level progressive posture series, plus a Gentle class.  In each level is the Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa, an intuitive, challenging flow sequence designed by Dharma himself to stretch, strengthen and purify the body completely.  Students are guided toward a meditative state within the postures, then through deep relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation.  Yoga philosophy and guidance toward living a yogic lifestyle are integrated into each class.  Dharma Yoga classes are offerings to students to help find their own paths.

Misha  starts offering Dharma Yoga at the Garden on Monday June 7th on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7am. It’s a great way to start out your day! Click here for a class schedule.