Aharata: Yoga of Emotional Protection and Material Prosperity

headshot of a manFridays 4:30-6:00 PM starting October 1

Thursdays 6:00-7:30 PM starting October 7

with Eka Joti

Welcome to your third chakra…center of self-confidence, charisma, leadership, emotional stability, professional attraction and mastery of your social self.

Aharata is an ancient and powerful yoga which counteracts our modern urban afflictions of stress, anxiety, depression, poverty, addiction and purposelessness.  Aharata practice focuses on the development of personal power, enabling us to achieve our purposes in society.  This third chakra strength allows us the vitality to persevere with our life-purposes, as well as creating emotional balance and protection against the stresses of our high-energy, time-sensitive society.  If you want professional performance with greater success and resiliency, this form will give the perfect counterpoint to your hatha yoga practice.

A typical class consists of katas, which are specific sequences blending strong movement (dynamic tension and explosive release), breath (such as ujjayi), core locks (bandhas), internal attention and visualization (drishti), vocalization, specific emotions and impulse.  Practicing Aharata leaves one feeling vital, vibrant, clear, calm, purposed, empowered and ready to champion their life. This is not a yoga asana (postures) or flow class. No yoga mat is needed for this class.

This is a new class, a new style of yoga at the Garden, and a new teacher.  Check it out!