[Update!] Fundraiser for Divisadero Fire Victims

We continue to be amazed by the generosity and care displayed by our NOPA community! You came together to put your love into action in more ways than one; here are a few highlights of the fundraiser for the Divisadero fire victims:

  • Raffle Prizes: The incredible organizers of this fundraiser were able to auction of a total of 98 prizes! Winners will be contacted throughout the week, and notified of where they can claim their prize. However, your patience is requested as volunteers sort through piles of tiny tickets with wild handwriting.
  • Bar Crawl: What a night! Great energy, great people, great dance moves.

    Update: The bar crawl raised nearly $6,000 for a grand total of $18,000 for our Divisadero neighbors!

We’re in awe of the collective action taken by all of those who participated. In addition to the financial and emotional support this event has provided to the victims of this tragic accident, it has given our community a stronger sense of purpose and togetherness. After witnessing the power and joy of our collectivity, we feel more loved, more cared for, and more inspired by those we share this neighborhood with.

We’d also like to give a special thanks to Anita, Erin, and all of the other individuals and small businesses who worked to put this event together. We see you, and we appreciate you.

As Californians, we know all too well how quickly a fire can disrupt someone’s sense of normalcy. But we also know that coming together as a community can help ease the fear, anxiety, and sense of loss experienced when fires destroy homes, businesses, and neighborhoods. Last month, two fires broke out on Divisadero Street, displacing 26 of our neighbors and 3 of our valued local businesses. Join us this Saturday, October 8th, for a fundraiser for these Divisadero fire victims!

Raffle Prizes

With over $6000 worth of prizes available, there’s sure to be something on the list you’ve already been meaning to pick up. Why not take your shot on a raffle ticket or ten? We’re thrilled to share that the following local businesses have contributed prizes to the raffle:

Whether you’re eyeing a delicious dinner or thinking seriously about that tattoo you’ve always talked about, this is your sign to treat yourself for a good cause. You can find raffle tickets at the following establishments:

Bar Crawl

You can also support the fundraiser for Divisadero fire victims by joining us on Saturday, October 8th from 4pm to Midnight as we Downward Dog, drink, and dance our way down Divisadero with our lovely neighbors and community members. And don’t worry, raffle tickets will still be available throughout the night!

We’ll start with a donation based class at our NOPA studio, 286 Divisadero Street. Once we’ve breathed the anger and sadness out, you can find us letting the love in at any one of the local favorites below:

The Divisadero community is undoubtedly as strong as it is vibrant. So let’s show up for the friends, neighbors, and local businesses that have created this special pocket of beauty and creativity. See you there!