Restore Balance: Restorative Yoga and Acupuncture

With Megan Lipsett, MA, RYT and Amber Bryan, LAC

The ‘Restore Balance’ workshop will offer an opportunity to foster blissful moments of rejuvenation, so often neglected in our modern lifestyles. In addition to the practice of yoga poses, the traditional Indian Ayurvedic masters also practiced a form of acupuncture to stimulate the proper flow of prana throughout the body.

According to BKS Iyenger: “Prana is the energy permeating the universe at all levels. It is physical, mental, intellectual, sexual, spiritual, and cosmic energy”. When there is congestion of the energy channels through which vital force flows, this stagnant energy effects the functioning of the physical as well as the mental body.

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This workshop offers you the opportunity to bring balance back to your nervous system and subtle body. We will work to balance and treat the chakra energies through the combined practices of restorative yoga and acupuncture. The three-hour workshop is designed to help you re-establish a connection with the natural rhythms of our planet and sooth your nervous system. During the workshop, Megan will bring you into various restorative poses to ease your body and take you through traditional yogic meditations to ease your mind. While you relax in your restorative postures, Amber will administer an acupuncture treatment to maximize the benefit of the restorative postures and induce a therapeutic effect throughout the major organs and structures of the body.

Cost: $65. for the first ten students who register. $75.thereafter.

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Megan has been teaching yoga and health education since 2007. Megan received her bachelor’s degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Psychology, with and emphasis in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 2011, Megan completed her Master’s degree in Integrative Health Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Megan is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor (RYT-200), Vinyasa Yoga Instructor (RYT-200), Prenatal Yoga Instructor, and Integrative Wellness Coach. Megan’s wellness philosophy comes from a lineage of wisdom that integrates allopathic and traditional medicine, Ayurvedic traditions, cosmology, and community and ecological perspectives to health and wellbeing.

Amber Bryan, LAc is gentle with her needles but pointed in her approach. In 2005 she completed a four year Master’s program from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has also interned with cancer specialist Bob Levine, LAc, fertility specialist Dr. Lifang Liang, and Dr. Kang of Asia Natural Herbs, and is a practitioner of Kiiko Matsumoto style acupuncture. Amber incorporates Chinese and Japanese styles of acupuncture and herbs as well as diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices into her practice for a holistic approach to solving health issues. When she’s not taking Vinyasa classes at Yoga Garden, she’s at her office in the Laurel Heights district of SF.

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