San Francisco Waldorf School – Early Childhood Program

by Marisa Toriggino

San Francisco Waldorf School – Early Childhood Program.

The Early Parenting (birth to age 3) program at the SF Waldorf school has just started their enrollment for the fall 2010.  I took these classes for 5 years-through both of my children’s early years.  It has informed my life as a parent.   I found the information in the classes to be helpful, supportive, intelligent, philosophical and heart centered–really it is yoga but with more practical applications for everyday life-such as why would I want to dress my child warmly?  what are the effects of television?  how much should I be talking to my newborn?  what are some of the parameters for sleep training an infant?  If you feel like you might be interested please look into it.  I know your children will benefit from it and love it!

Allison was not the director when I was taking classes, but I know her and I think she is top notch.