Featured Teacher: Alexia Martini

Alexia Martini

Join us in welcoming Alexia Martini to the team!

Tell us about yourself! What are some things that your students might not know?

I’m French and I’ve been living in San Francisco for 8 years. My husband is French as well, and we have a 15 month old. I love cooking, swimming in cold water, and taking long hikes.

How did you become interested in yoga?

10 years ago, one of my friends dragged me to a class for a work offsite and I fell in love. Since childhood, I’ve always enjoyed kicking my legs up and trying upside down positions. Yoga gave me an excuse to keep playing with arm balances. Also, as an adult, I have experienced stress and anxiety in my work life. Yoga became my cure to live in the moment and hit the breaks during a class.

Tell us about your yoga journey. What style did you start in and with whom do you study now?

I practiced Vinyasa for 5 years in Paris, London and San Francisco (including with Stephane & Jessica Dreyfus). I also practiced Hatha with Brenna Barry and I did 3 years of Rocket (and occasional Ashtanga) in San Francisco. It has been challenging to find the time to go back to classes with a baby and restarting my 9-5 job but when I do, I enjoy Vinyasa or restorative classes depending on the mood.

Describe your teaching style. What can folks expect when they attend your class? 

Focus, community & energy. I’ll do my best to read the room and adapt my teaching to what the students feel like on that day.

Any exciting projects or plans on the horizon?
Resuming surfing for the holidays in the (warmer) San Diego water.
Anything else you’d like to share with the Yoga Garden SF community?
I’m a Bernal Heights lover and I can’t wait to build a yogi community in my neighborhood. I’ve been missing it.

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