Spring Into Summer

young woman outdoors doing a yoga pose

with Sonya Genel

Treat yourself to an afternoon of rejuvenation, restoration, and fun with Yoga! As we move more fully from spring into the dynamic energy of summer, it is the perfect time to detoxify and renew our body and mind. In this workshop we will take our time working on several aspects of the yoga practice. At the end we will enjoy healthy, delicious, cleansing teas and snacks! Yum 🙂

  • Meditation and breath work to arrive more fully in our bodies and ground scattered energy.
  • Refining our understanding of healthy alignment.
  • With more time to warm the body up and prepare the muscles, we will workshop some more difficult poses like inversions and hand balances.
  • Learn poses for longer deeper holds to restore and detoxify the body.
  • Discussion of ideas for over all positive changes such asnutritional choices and life-affirming actions we can take in our lives daily!

This workshop is absolutely appropriate for students of all levels (with the exception of those who are pregnant, have had a serious recent injury, and/or major physical disability).

Cost is $25 before May 14, $30 thereafter. Members get 10% discount.

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