Studio Spotlight: NOPA

studio spotlight nopa

Throughout the studio spotlight series, we’ve taken you around San Francisco to dig into each of our fantastic locations across this city’s eclectic neighborhoods. But this week, we’re bringing you back to where it all began! This week’s studio spotlight is on our very first Yoga Garden SF studio: NOPA.

What Makes NOPA Special?

The NOPA studio can be thought of as our taproot. Established nearly 20 years ago, it exists at the center of the flourishing community that has since spread further into our beloved city. And that energy of familiarity and grounded comfort is palpable. The warm sense of connection found in each nook of this cozy old home embodies our mission to be more than a place to move and sweat and breathe, this is a place you can call home.

And as all strong roots do, our NOPA studio goes deeper as it grows wide. As a longstanding resident of an evolving but quintessential San Francisco neighborhood, this studio acts as our hub for community involvement.

However, for those looking to leave the world behind, this location provides a peaceful space to do just that. Our covered garden path welcomes you, allowing you to separate yourself from the hustle of the city; once inside, we have three studio spaces to choose from with an array of high quality teachers and diverse offerings at your fingertips.

Teacher Highlight

studio spotlight nopa

Anna Parker has been teaching yoga for 17 years, and she brings that experience and wisdom to several of our studios, including NOPA. As a devoted student of Annie Carpenter, Anna teaches SmartFlow, the style of alignment-based vinyasa Annie developed. SmartFlow combines strong vinyasa with attention to detail, unwavering focus, and personal inquiry. She brings this style of teaching to her students in an effort to share with them the profound possibilities this practice creates for those who experience it.

When she’s not teaching, you can find Anna connecting to the natural world. She’s an avid trail runner, and while she loves traveling the world with a camera in hand, she feels a special draw to the Yosemite Valley and surrounding Eastern Sierras.

Check out Anna’s calendar to find out how you can practice with her throughout the week, across the city, and online!

Neighborhood Treats

Divisadero is one of the many iconic San Francisco streets that truly has something for everyone. In the mood for live music? Check out The Page for a cozy neighborhood bar with live music every weekday afternoon. If small plates and a delectable wine list are right for the mood, Fool’s Errand never disappoints.

For those looking to grab a health-conscious, flavor-filled bite before or after class, Wholesome Bakery is a favorite around here; their mushroom and onion galette always seems to hit the spot. They have a plethora of gluten-free and vegan options, too, so everyone is sure to find something to nosh on.

If you’re looking for something heartier, options are practically limitless. Nopalito, a bright and airy Mexican cantina, serves classic dishes full of organic ingredients. If you make it for lunch, don’t miss the chilaquiles rojos. Meanwhile, a meal at Souvla will transport you straight to a Greek kitchen, herby aromas included. Even though we love their free-range chicken, they’re famous for their innovative twists on frozen greek yogurt!

Know Before You Go

Our NOPA studio sits at the heart of this idyllic neighborhood. Look for a quaint blue house at 286 Divisadero Street, and you’ll find us! This location is easily accessible no matter how you move through the city. Give yourself some time to circle the area for parking and you’re sure to find something, either free or metered with 2-hour time slots from 8am – 6pm. For those on two wheels, we have wall-hanging bike racks behind our gated entrance — just make sure to secure your bike to the racks with your cable lock.

Anyone who partakes in public transportation has plenty of options, too! The N Judah stop at Duboce Park is about a 10 minute walk, and the 24 Divisadero, 6 Parnassus and 71 Haight/Noriega MUNI lines run nearby, as well.

And don’t forget —  our NOPA studio has a shower available!


Thanks for joining us for this week’s spotlight on our NOPA studio! Stay tuned for our final highlight next week.