Studio Updates: Schedules, Membership

Schedule changes

Lots of them, as we wind up summer and begin moving into fall:

  • Jeremiah Wallace brings Anusara to the Garden (see related post below) on Tues/Thur 1:15 pm and Sunday
  • Karen Macklin’s Sunday 7:30 Vinyasa becomes a 7:00  pm Mellow Flow starting September 11.
  • David Nelson’s Friday 6 pm Iyengar 1-2 starts at 6:30 pm, starting September 9.
  • Nina Gold now teaches Saturday 10:30 am Iyengar Level 1, followed by her Level 2-3 class at noon.

Membership Extensions

Our policy, published on-line and with every purchase is that we don’t grant them.  Because of the many requests we have received recently, we have developed an alternative. You may now suspend a membership once for up to 3 month’s with a $50 suspension fee. For more information, contact the studio manager@folksf.com.