Teaching Skills 1-10 Hours

teaching classYoga practioners wishing to become yoga teachers or yoga teachers wishing to improve their teaching skills are encouraged to take this weekend workshop to learn basic skills to make their teaching more effective. These classes introduce key competencies that are then practiced in a supportive, critical environment.

Participants are given an opportunity to begin their teaching practice in the safety of a community of peers with supportive feedback from highly experienced teachers. The course provides study materials on the basic skills for good teaching, a discussion of their application, and extensive opportunity to practice these skills in a supportive environment with feedback.

Cost of the program is $170, but early registration discounts are available.

“Yoga involves sending intelligence to every part of your body in everything you do. This workshop sends that kind of intelligence deep into the tissues of teaching.” – Bill

“In this workshop, I had a breakthrough. David could see that I was teaching from my intellect. I discovered through his firm and clear teaching to get out of mind and teach to the bodies of other students. I discovered here that teaching is yoga.” – Anthony

“Immediately following this workshop, I attended two births as a doula. Women in labor have similar needs to those of people practicing yoga, so I made a conscious effort to use some of the techniques I learned in this workshop. I found that the use of active verbs and “instructing” vs. “asking permission” (e.g. “Let’s move to the shower,” vs. “If you want, we can try the shower.”) made a huge difference in my clients’ ability to cope and remain in the present moment. While I feel that the skills we learned in this workshop were essential for “communicating yoga,” I also think that they are extremely applicable in other aspects of life.” – Audrey

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