Tele-seminar revisited.

David Nelson PortraitWow, what an experience.  Yoga Garden just hosted its first webinar this Wednesday, and it was simultaneously a great success and a comedy of errors.

First the success. Panelists Richard Rosen, Chase Bossart, Sean Feit, Megan Lipsett, Chrisandra Fox, and I discussed the directions to take a maturing yoga practice.  I was so impressed by the insight and articulation that my fellow panelist brought to the discussion.  And the questions posed by our participants were equally valuable and interesting.  One audience member commented, “..,it was like tuning into NPR.” We were all so encouraged by the event that we will be sure to continue offering these opportunities and improving them.

Now for that comedy…I have to take full responsibility for all of errors that made it so.  First, we rescheduled the event; then I sent out information with what seems to be a bad link.  Followed by an email with no link at all.  For many who figured out how to get to the event, you were greeted with nice music and no program (the bad link problem).  And now, for the worst error of all…..I was nervous enough about my “performance” that I forgot to click the Record button, so I have no recording of the program to offer you.

My apologies to those of you who ended up wasting time.  We live and learn and our next event wont’ have these problems.  Promise.

Our next teleseminar is Monday, August 30, where Shana Meyerson will talk about what it takes to teach yoga to kids. Look for more information below.