Template Letter: Waiving the No Show/Late Cancel Fee

The following is an example of a letter to send to $65 Introductory 4 Week Membership clients who have never missed/late cancelled a class before.  Please insert their name, your name, and choose the appropriate of two phrases in parenthesis.  Make sure you remove the parenthesis and the bold lettering before sending.

Hello _____ ,

I noticed you (missed the half hour deadline to cancel) (didn’t attend) a class you had registered and reserved a spot for.  This was a (Vinyasa, Hatha Align, etc.) class on (date). Because we keep our class sizes small, it is very important for students to cancel reservations for classes they will not be able to attend no later than half an hour before class is scheduled to begin.  When you fail to cancel a reservation, you are holding a spot in a class with limited space, and potentially preventing other students from attending class.  In order to combat this problem, we began charging a $15 No Show/Late Cancel fee.  This policy is outlined at the front desk, online on our Policy Page, and on the email receipt you received when you purchased your membership.

That being said, we understand this is your first month of membership, and your first time (cancelling late) (missing a class you made a reservation for).  In our modern world we’re often inundated with information, and while we try to be very clear regarding our policies, we understand how it could be missed.  We’d like to make an exception for the “first offence” and won’t charge you the fee this time.

Please take some time to review the link to our policy page above.  We thank you for cancelling reservations you’re unable to make at least a half hour before the beginning of class in the future, freeing up the spot you can’t use so everyone can enjoy!

Please let me know if you have any questions.