The Yoga Garden Recommends: Books

Feeling Bookish?

cover of the book "yoga the iyengar way"Many students have asked what book is the best reference for home practice. We have always recommended “Yoga: The Iyengar Way”. Here’s why:

1. The images are simple and precise.

2. The book is organized well, and has a comprensive index for quick and easy look-up.

3. The sequences section. Toward the back of the book, there is a section that suggests pose series for different situations – stress, depression, back pain, indigestion, etc.

4. The descriptions are clear and brief. The book offers just enough information for each pose to get you out of the book and into the pose.

Despite the name, we think this book is great for all yoga practitioners (budding or advanced) regardless of their style of yoga. Check out a preview of the book on Amazon, and purchase it the next time you come into the Yoga Garden. It’s an invaluable tool for home practice and great for furthering your study of yoga.