Tibetan Bowl Chakra Tuning with Karma Moffett

Karma Moffett awakens and guides healing energy through your chakras in a musical performance using Tibetan Bowls, Bells, Conch Shells, and Longhorns.

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We open the ceremony by awakening your lower chakras using a pure, yet rich Native American Flute. The Tibetan Longhorn, a 9-foot long instrument, then guides the listener over the vast plains of Tibet. Circular, elongated breathing maximizes the healing energy of the long tones.

Tibetan Singing Bowls, carefully selected from over 5,000 bowls over the course of 38 years, are chosen for their harmonic resonance. These bowls will put you under a spell of deep relaxation and meditation. Tibetan bells will then release the energy of the middle chakras.

Tingsha and Conch Shells complete the journey, energizing your higher chakras.

Karma Moffett embodies spiritual consciousness through all of his art, and his shows are an experience that can help you get in touch with your deep, authentic self.


Tea and treats will be served & participants are welcome to bring sweets to share.

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