Yelp: Chrisandra Frox is …most amazing…

Chrisandra Fox is one of the most amazing Yoga teachers that I know!!! I absolutely adore her. She teaches at Yoga Tree Stanyan, Hayes, and Valencia.  She also teaches at the Yoga Garden.  I love her retreats, I even met my boyfriend through the retreat community that she has created.  She taught a private class for my 30th birthday and even my Pentecostal Christian Mother from Ohio (God bless her) loved Chrisandra so much that we went back to do another class with her the next day.   I take all of my out of town family and friends to her classes. She is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful knack for taking the best pieces of many different yoga styles (Hatha, Shadow,  Flow & Anusara to name a few).  She has also helped me work with health & body issues.  She really takes the entire person into account.

Becky S. via Yelp