Yoga For Your Ayurvedic Type

with Alex Fraim

Ayurveda, which literally translates as “knowledge or science of life,” is the traditional healing system of India, and is based on the concept that illness arises when the energies of the body are out of balance. It seeks to increase health and longevity by creating a harmonious environment within the body so that one may reach one’s full potential and optimum healing may occur. Yoga and Ayurveda could be described as “sister-sciences,” and together they form a truly comprehensive and effective holistic health system.
In this workshop, we will begin by discussing the basic principle of Ayurveda and how to recognize your own unique energetic constitution and any current imbalance. We will then work with various Yoga postures meant to have specific effects on the various Ayurvedic constitutions and energies of the body. Students will learn how a combination of knowledge of their unique energetic make-up together with the intelligent practice of Yoga can help them to achieve greater health, happiness and well-being. Open to all.  $40/$30 Early Bird discount.  Sign up online.