Yoga Garden Teacher Trainees

Hands-On Assists for Warrior 1 Pose. One great pose, three great assists. Heather, Kaitlyn, Mariah & Miriam are graduating Sunday with their 200-hour Yoga Certifications!

Virabhadrasana 1 Assists:

Front Leg: Align the foot (Heather is doing that with her own foot). Push the hip back and with equal resistance pull the knee forward. This squares the hips.

Back Leg: Mariah presses the outer edge of Miriam’s fot into the floor. Miriam’s foot has a strong angle. Mariah then gets a strong grip abover Miriam’s knee and rather than pulling back, leans with her body weight to traction the leg.  You might instruct your student to “resist” as you pull.

Spine: With the legs solid, the spine can lift up out of the pelvis. Essentially, strong legs set the spine free. Kaitlyn is supporting MIriam behind her shoulder blades, a gentle lift there feels great. She guides Miriam’s arms up and back to support the backbend.


Miriam is feeling stable and supported. She’s happy.

When adjusting adjusters are connected to the student with their 100% attention on the student. Adjustors are stable themselves, and use their body weight rather than muscular strength to guide the student. Adjustors posture is lifted, and safe, no rounded spines! When guiding the body, adjustors use equal and opposite resistance. Students learn how to access their “internal levers” through isometric muscular contraction. Fun stuff.

Come learn with us – Next 12-week training starts in September, and the next intensive begins in October. This is right around the corner!

To learn more about our Teacher Training program please visit us here: SF Yoga Garden Teacher Training

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