Yoga Journey Through Breathing and Writing

Join Briksha Mahendra and Anthony Biduck in this co-facilitated, rejuvenating workshop that approaches yoga, the breath, and writing as therapeutic tools to help free emotional and energy blockages in the body and the mind.  Students are taught and practice various breathing techniques and free writing exercises in simple yet profoundly effective ways to promote healing, awakening, and to draw us deeper within ourselves.

When you breathe consciously and properly you will:

  • Oxygenate your body and bring more life force in, increasing blood circulation over time with ongoing practiceRelease toxins and blockage to create space for healing to happen
  • Be more grounded and empowered
  • Feel more relaxed and peaceful
  • Feel more present, open and mentally clear
  • Feel more connected with self and others
  • Feel more energetic and awake
  • Have capacity to stay with your emotion and feel your body as it unfolds to you
  • Develop skill to center yourself quickly and be in the moment

Students please bring your journal or a spiral notebook and pen for writing.  Cost of this workshop is $40.  Early bird registration by September 18, $35.