Yoga of Words: How Yoga Can Help You Access Your Inner Voice with Karen Macklin

It’s no secret that yoga and meditation offers tools that help us develop focus and concentration, but did you know that these practices can also help you better access your creativity and inner voice? Whether you are an experienced writer (of any genre), or want to explore writing as a practice of self-discovery, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn: yoga poses geared specifically to free writers’ bodies; how meditation can help you access deeper levels of consciousness; how yogic philosophy can help you work with the emotional setbacks of doubt, fear, and judgment; how quieting the mind can lead to more clarity and focus in your writing. This workshop is appropriate for writers of all levels of experience and genres; other artists are welcome, too. There will be a mix of yoga, seated meditation, writing, and discussion. Please bring a notebook and something to write with! Workshop fee is $40, Early Bird Discount is $30. Member Discount applies! Register Here