2017 MS Walk: Help Mandy Hagenaar Reach Her Goal!

Mandy Hagenaar    Mandy Hagenaar

On April 30, 2017  Yoga Garden SF student Mandy Hagenaar, along with thousands of other San Franciscans, will be walking to raise awareness and to help find a cure for MS (multiple sclerosis).  Read Mandy’s letter to the YGSF community below and learn more about how you can contribute to help end MS!

Dear Twisted Backbenders,

The 2017 MS Walk for 2017 is coming up and your help is needed.

In 2000 I was diagnosed with MS, an often disabling disease of the nervous system. I started taking regular yoga classes at Yoga Garden SF in 2008 and yoga has helped me to stand straight and keep moving!

Yoga is great for people with MS: it calms the nervous system; it helps stretch and relax muscles; and it emphasizes alignment to improve posture and balance.

I wrote my story on my personal page, where you can also find more about MS and how to contribute.

Since its inception the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s funds more research than any other private organization in the world.

Because of your donations critical efforts have been made possible in finding solutions to Stop disease progression in its tracks, Restore function that has been lost & End MS forever!

Your support has helped us make major headway this year. Take a look at just a few of the many research successes that were achieved in 2016:
– More genetic variations associated with MS were identified, bringing the total number to over 200
– Evidence was found showing the gut bacteria of people with MS is different from those without MS
– The Society approved for the first time, funding of a large-scale study on diet & MS, awarding a $1 Million grant to test efforts on fatigue
– A new treatment available for Relapsing Remitting MS was discovered
– The first-everpotential treatment for Progressive MS was granted a “Breakthrough Therapy” status by the FDA to expedite its approval and get it to market
– Positive results were seen on a drug for Secondary Progressivs MS that could slow disease progression
– A small clinical trial of an already FDA approved, over-the-counter drug showed positive results on the ability to promote myelin repair

Looking ahead…
– Identifying molecules that may have a role in remyelination & neuroprotection
– Development of a drug discovery pipeline by screening available drugs and identifying compounds with potential to be repurposed for MS
– Defining an MRI biomarker to better measure disease progression on speed clinical trials of drugs

In the years 2014-2016 I have raised a total of $9,343. 
This year my goal is to reach a grand total of $1,5000, for which I need to raise $5,657 this year.

Please help me reach this goal!

Your donation can be a few dollars or anything more.
If you make your donation by check or online please DON’T FORGET to make it IN MY NAME.
Donations can be made online, you can also give cash or a check to me personally, or send it to

National MS Society
Northern California Chapter
1700 Owens Street, Suite 190
San Francisco, CA 9415

Mandy Hagenaar