Fitness classes

A variety of classes designed to help you boost your
energy and reduce excess stress.

A Fitness Class for Everyone

If you want to move, we’ve got something for you.

Bodyweight strength training

We offer a comprehensive full-body strength training program that relies on body weight and minimal equipment such as bars, bands, and rings, aiming to enhance both strength and mobility. Our approach prioritizes building a solid foundation through primal movements, These fundamental exercises pave the way for progressing to more advanced skills such as arm-balancing, L-sits, pistol squats, planches, front/back levers, muscle-ups, and more.


Different from other forms of strength training, such as bodybuilding and powerlifting, calisthenics utilizes your own body as resistance. This approach fosters enhanced mobility, core strength, and joint stability, which are essential prerequisites for advancing to higher levels. Calisthenics classes primarily focus on low-impact exercises and are accessible to individuals of all fitness levels.

Strength training (Full, Upper or Lower body)

Our upper body class specifically focuses on pushing and pulling movements to target the chest, back, shoulders, forearms, biceps, and triceps. Similarly, the lower body class concentrates on the glutes, hips, quads, hamstrings, calves, and core. This class incorporates a combination of plyometric exercises, weights, resistance bands, bodyweight training, and enjoyable agility exercises to maintain an active flow.

HIIT - High intensity interval training

Prepare yourself for an intense and invigorating class experience. Our workouts incorporate a dynamic blend of sprints, plyometrics, supersets, battle ropes, and engaging floor movements designed to challenge you and push your limits.

Circuit training

Elevate your fitness journey with our invigorating interval training class, designed to engage and activate every part of your body. This dynamic workout involves rotating through a series of complementary exercises in supersets, strategically targeting opposing muscle groups with minimal rest in between

MIIT - Moderate intensity interval training

Experience a moderately intense interval training class that strikes the perfect balance between challenge and accessibility. Although not categorized as easy, these workouts allow you to comfortably engage in conversation while reaping the benefits of cardiovascular exercises combined with full-body resistance training.

Mobility and Strength (Glutes and Core)

Immerse yourself in our targeted mobility and strength class, meticulously designed to address the imbalances caused by modern-day living. Through a series of compact yet demanding movements, we engage and train the vital muscles that support your spine and pelvis, with special emphasis on fortifying your abs and glutes. By strengthening these areas, you can achieve proper pelvic alignment, alleviate accompanying back pain, and proactively safeguard against potential injuries.

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The best way to know if a Folk yoga or movement class is right for you is to give it a try! We have created a scale of intensity designed to help guide you through this process. You can also reach out to us via hello@folksf.com with any additional questions you may have, or stop by a studio to say hello!

What to wear to yoga and movement classes is completely up to you! Wear something comfortable that will allow you to experience a full range of movement. Breathable, flexible bottoms and a sports top that offers enough support for the class type you’re participating in. We also recommend bringing water and a small towel for those sweaty sessions!

Not at this time. While we hope to bring all types of yoga and movement classes to all 7 Folk studios in the near future, you can find the class type your body is craving here.

The class sizes at Folk depend on the studio, time of day, and class type. On average class attendance is around 20 people.

We love new students! Folk yoga and movement classes are great for students who are moving in a new way for the first time, those getting in touch with their body’s movement for the first time, and anyone coming back to movement after injury.