2018: It’s here-and so are we!

Photo by: Regine Felice Garcia
Authored by: Emma Davis

2018: It’s here-and so are we!

Ready to set our intentions for the New Year, full of promise for fresh starts and new beginnings.

A time when, like it or not, that all too familiar word permeates the air. You know the one. (Hint: It rhymes with evolution)!

In the past, I have felt disheartened when I would repeatedly break one (or all!) of my resolutions. In fact, I’ve grown tired of the word altogether, and feel compelled to ring in 2018 in a way that is more aligned with following my heart.

This year, I’ve decided to move towards creating sacred space to reflect on the past year. Instead of writing a list of rules for the New Year, I will meditate on my intentions for the upcoming year.

Intention is such a fitting word, as it not only means to have an aim or plan, but it also stems from the Latin word, intentio, meaning, “stretch, extension” – how perfect for us yogis!

So I will begin by writing down some answers to this question:

“What would have to happen this year for me to look back and say ‘2018 was the best year of my life!’?”

From there, I’ll write an intention, a goal and a daily affirmation. After which, I will climb to the top of the Marin Headlands, light the paper on fire and watch as the wind carries its ashes out into the universe.

Everyone has their own hopes and dreams for the New Year, from dancing by the light of the supermoon to activating powerful magic via the written and spoken word.

Here I’d like to share some responses from my Yoga Garden SF friends on how they intend to affirm themselves in 2018.

What do you intend on manifesting this year?

MARTINE HAMERS – RYT 200 | Teacher | Teacher Trainer

“My intentions are to be more conscious, don’t let life take over, but be mindful about the lessons learned and be more present in the situation and the people I am with. My affirmation is “I am loving myself”.  And I will do that by be a student again of life, yoga, meditation and philosophy. So I can grow into a better teacher, better friend, better loved one, but above all and better version of me; for me.”

CHRISTIE PITKO – RYT 500 | Teacher

“I intend to be strong in mind, body, and spirit. I intend to be prosperous!”


MICHELLE BOUVIER – E-RYT 500 | Teacher | Teacher Trainer

“I intend to do the things that leave me feeling healthy, vital, and to practice being peace in all life situations.”


ALEXANDRA ROSSI – E-RYT 500 | RPYT | RCYT | YACEP | Teacher Trainer


Create a safe place for people to relax, grow and feel happy

Be kind”


“In 2018 I intend to push my comfort zone and explore more; both big and small explorations through travel, reading, and every day simple pleasures. I also hope to keep to a consistent sleep schedule! :)”


“I intend to release my postnatal online program to support all those strong Mamas locally and across the globe.”


ADAM MERINGOLO – E-RYT 500 | Teacher

“1. Unabashed honesty and authenticity.
2. Austerity blended with flexibility in my energetic expenditures.”


DENELLE NUMIS – E-RYT 500 | Teacher

“This year.
Be kind.
Have compassion.
Share your soul.
Read several books.
Write something meaningful.
Embrace your raw and natural state of beauty.
Dance like a ballerina and a video vixen.
Bust a rhyme, sing and feel the vibe!
Travel to parts unknown.
Explore our majestic and tender planet.
Reduce your carbon footprint to protect her.
Hike to the top of many mountains.
Dive and swim deep in the ocean.
Smile to a stranger once a day.
Eat clean.
Do this all for yourself and for one another. And may the force always be with you.”

JEN (HECHT) NEWMAN – E-RYT 500 | Teacher | Teacher Trainer

“Love over fear! I am giving myself permission to release the fear of failing in order to expand this experience, heart, family, and dharma.”


ALYSSA BYRD – E-RYT 200 | Teacher

“In 2018 I intend to slow down & listen more, to look for the moon and dance freely beneath its silvery light. Who knows, maybe this is the year I will finally walk on my hands while holding a smile and breathing easily too.”

STACEY SWAN – E-RYT 500 | Teacher | Lead Teacher Trainer

“My 2018 intention is: To practice consistency in self-care and service to community. To cultivate both fearlessness and curiosity.”


KATRIN KUTTNER E-RYT 500 | Teacher | Teacher Trainer

My Mantra for 2018: Time is not transforming You, it is revealing You.



LIZ ANDOLONG – RYT 200 | Teacher

“Visit nature once a month; having no car isn’t an excuse! carve time out for friends and loved ones to simply connect and listen. Get sweaty once a day because it’s good for the mind and body. Practice meditation. Remain open and full of love in all situations. I am peace. I am love. I am happiness. I am worthy. I am open. I am strong. I am perfect as is.”

MAX KOPEIKIN – RYT 500 | Teacher | Teacher Trainer

“My intention is to dance more in 2018.”


TIFFANY CHAU – RYT 500 | Teacher

“My intention in 2018 is to stop letting fear keep me from moving forward. ”


About the Author:
Emma Davis is a yoga teacher and Admissions Manager at Yoga Garden SF. When she’s not at the studio, you can catch her road tripping up and down the coast of California, coffee and camera in hand. Follow her on Instagram.