2020 Year in Review


In a year that tested us in ways we never thought possible, we managed to stay afloat. We’re not just talking about Yoga Garden.
We’re talking about all of us: our neighbors on Divis, our community in San Francisco, our teachers, our students around the country (and the globe). This year we created a virtual community that refused to give up. 

1. 5,813 different people practiced yoga and took
66,172 classes taught by 51 different teachers

2. Certified 87 new yoga teachers



We kept going, despite it all.



We took a hard look at our role in perpetuating cycles of harm and committed to doing better in the future.

1. Hired our teacher Europa Grace as an organizational consultant to lead anti-racism education & action planning
2. Implemented staff & teacher training using the workbook me & white supremacy
3. Launched a BIPOC Teacher Training Scholarship Fund that has awarded over $35,000
in financial aid, including 7 full-tuition scholarships for teacher training
4. Offered a new training, Grasp at the Root: Uprooting White Supremacy from Spaces of Healing, led by 4 Black, queer facilitators
5. Featured a 3-part blog series by local yoga teacher, author, and wellness expert, Saeeda Hafiz
6. Implemented a new internal Accountability Process to address instances of harm when they occur
7. Began reviewing our 200 Hour Curriculum through the lens of critical race theory



The studio was briefly open from Oct 6thNov 28th!

Developed and launched new COVID-safety protocols for teachers,
staff & students to accommodate in-person classes
After 20 years with MindBody, we switched delivery platforms to better
serve you in this new reality. Union.fit helped us expand
our offerings so you can practice anywhere, anytime!

Converted Air Studio into a broadcast space


Our primary focus has always been to provide the best possible yoga experience for our students. The many challenges of 2020 offered us just as many opportunities for reflection, adaptation, and growth. From creating a multi-channel virtual studio to acknowledging our role in systems of oppression, we intend for the changes of 2020 to last well beyond this year.

In the words of Yoga Garden founder David Nelson,
“We’re not just holding on to hold on. All of these changes are to make us
better for the day this is over. We want to emerge stronger on the other side.”

To our many loyal customers, teachers, neighbors, and friends: thank you.
We could not have done any of this without you. It is our true honor to be part of your lives and
share in the practice of yoga together. May you find peace, joy, and restful ease in the New Year.

As always, in service of yoga,
The Yoga Garden SF Team