21 Day Yoga Challenge!


Get ready, get set, and get on your mat! Join our 21 Day Yoga Challenge starting Feb. 10th.

When you want to make positive changes, it’s paramount to have a supportive community around you. Team up with yogis just like you and make it happen! Practice together, reach goals together, win prizes together, and most importantly have fun while doing it!

Transformation begins with small steps. First step is to sign up for a team, share with your friends and let the transformation and teamwork begin!

How to win: 4 Prize Winners

*Participants will have 21 days ( Feb. 10- March 1) to reach the following goals:

Disciplined Yogis Award: Team that is closest or most exceeds their team goal

Each team member sets a goal for the number of classes they are planning to attend at Yoga Garden SF within 21 days. (Feb 10- Mar 1) The number of classes are combined into a collective team goal. Whichever team is closest or most exceeds their team goal wins the Disciplined Yogis Award.

Most Ambitious Yogis Award: Team who takes the most classes

A tally in the lobby will be kept of the number of classes each team attends. At the end of the challenge, whichever team has taken the most classes will win as the Most Ambitious Yogis Award.

Most Social Yogis Award: Team that best documents their efforts through social media using the hashtag #YogaGardenSFChallenge wins the Most Social Yogis Award.

Each team will be encouraged to use the challenge hashtag #YogaGardenSFChallenge as well as given an individual team hashtag to use for documenting and sharing the journey of their team’s challenge through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each post with the appropriate hashtags will be counted and whichever team has the most will win  the Most Social Yogis Award!

Triple Crown Winner: The Grand Prize!

This title will be awarded to the team that has the most of all three of the above.

The goal + number of yoga classes attended + number of social posts using the appropriate hashtags = Team score

How to Track Progress:

The blackboard wall in the studio lobby will have all the teams and their progress tracked regularly. Each team will have three metrics displayed:

  1. How many classes they have attended
  2.  Their team goal
  3. How many #YogaGardenSFChallenge and individual team hashtags have been used

Winners will be announced Thursday, March 3rd. We have some amazing prizes for you and your team! The part that everyone wins is the transformation that comes with commitment and the joy of a supportive community.

Questions? Feel free to contact us here.