A Final Look Back: What Can You Celebrate in 2019?

The year and decade have come to a swift close and in between shopping, holiday parties, and travel it can feel like A LOT! That is because it is a lot and without the moments of quiet, reflection, and pause, it can quickly turn into overwhelm. So give yourself the gift of time and space today, and carve out a few moments for yourself. Take a look back and recognize all that you experienced, learned, and accomplished this year. It’s time to celebrate!

1.     Remember and review your goals.

First, did you write down goals, intentions, or themes for 2019? Take some time to look them over and notice any thoughts or realizations. In addition, journal and express whatever comes up for you.

2.    Recognize and celebrate your accomplishments.

Second, make a list of all that you experienced, completed, or accomplished this past year (or this past decade). Where did you travel? What did you do? What did you create? Who did you meet? Write it all down! Certainly, include the little moments and the mini-celebrations because lots of small moments turn into something great. In other words, celebrate the mini-moments even if you don’t know where they are going to lead you. If you are feeling inspired, share your accomplishments with a friend or loved one and relish in the sweetness of your hard work.

3.    Practice gratitude, self-compassion and an open heart.

Finally, notice what comes up for you when you look at your list. Seeing the list of all that you experienced may give you a sense of pride and gratitude, and leave you with a feeling of abundance. In this case, take an extra moment to give thanks to anyone in your life that made it possible for you to experience and accomplish all that you did. This may lead to a feeling of expansion and unity with your community or even the world.

On the other hand, you may think you did not accomplish enough. The above exercise may leave you feeling disappointed. If that is the case, this is a wonderful opportunity to practice self-compassion. Self-compassion is a practice of meeting yourself where you are. It is realizing, “this is what is,” whether or not it is what you want. Oftentimes it may come as the thought, “this is suffering,” or “this is uncomfortable,” or “this is not what I wanted or what I planned for.” Pause to recognize your thoughts, emotions, and sensations and then take a deep breath in and out. Again, take another breath in and out.

Whatever you are experiencing, notice that! Recognize all that you are feeling without wanting that to be different. Things are always changing and life often unfolds in surprising ways. Keep an open heart and embrace all that is. Let yourself connect to the fullness (the good, the bad, and the space in between) of 2019.