A note from Jean Mazzei

newyearAwake and Asleep with Jean Mazzei

We go to yoga to transform, to change. That’s what they tell me. That’s what the ads say. Heck- that’s what I say! But really we go to wake up to who we really are, to uncover and remember our big S Self. So we go to yoga class, and start waking up the body. We work with the physical unit as we start bringing awareness by breaking habits. But just because a teacher tells you to lift your toes in triangle pose, doesn’t mean that it is the “right” way to do the pose. It means that this way helped you to wake up to something that you didn’t know before. So if I lift my toes in triangle for a few years, or even decades, and lifting my toes becomes a habit, well guess, what? You are now asleep to toe lifting. That which was once awake, is now asleep.

So be aware of the things that become habits. And know that habits are places for sleep. And sleep can be a good thing, because we need rest. But if we are going for Total Consciousness 24/7, then there is no time to rest because we are Totally Conscious 24/7. That’s why we build our capacity to stay awake.  Gradually paying attention to more, tuning out less. Because our essential Self, our big S Self, never sleeps. Which is why letting go of judging can be a boon. But that’s another blog. Which I’ve probably written. But not out of habit.

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