Am I Ready for Yoga Teacher Training?


What if I’ve never practiced yoga before?
Here at Yoga Garden SF we highly recommend having a regular yoga practice of at least 2 months, whether it be 5 days a week or 1. Consistency is key. We offer yoga teacher trainings and regular studio classes all throughout the year. You can use our online schedule to help plan out when you will take a training, and which classes you want to attend beforehand. Please visit our front desk if you need assistance with our class schedule. It is not required to have taken classes at Yoga Garden SF, though it is a great opportunity to explore teaching styles and learn more about our different teachers!


200 Hours of yoga is a big commitment. Am I ready?
Commitment to deepening your practice is a staple. Whichever path you choose, 200+ hours is a significant amount of time. You will learn about yoga asana, yoga history, anatomy and more during this training. Commitment to the practice will go a long way during this journey, and it’s something only you can decide for yourself. If you are still undecided about if yoga teacher training is right for you, visit our events page to learn more about our yoga workshops! This can be a great way to get your feet wet without diving in just yet.


What if I can’t do any hand balancing poses?
Despite social media and popular belief, yoga is so much more than handstands on top of boulders. Again, all we ask is for commitment and dedication. We are all individual beings, what may be right for someone else’s body may not be right for yours. Yoga teacher training is a great time to explore what works for you and what doesn’t. Whether you feel you are ready for more advanced poses, or want to deepen your down dog, yoga teacher training is a great place to explore.


I’m nervous because I don’t have a fancy yoga mat, props, or apparel…
All you need is yourself, a notebook, a pen/pencil and comfortable clothes you can move in! Yoga Garden SF is your home away from home. There are mats at the studio to buy or rent ($2 to rent) and the rest is taken care of. Our students join us from many places and walks of life, and something we all have in common: we leave expectations at the door.


I have things going on emotionally, mentally, physically.
Because we are all individual human beings and yoga can be a physical activity, there may be some considerations to discuss before signing up for yoga teacher training. Are you recovering from a major surgery? Are you pregnant? Have you given your body and mind the nourishment, rest and care it needs to be present during a yoga teacher training? If you need help answering any of these question (or any additional ones), please email cathy@folksf.com.


I want to attend, but don’t know if I’ll ever have the money to do so.
Yoga Teacher Training is an investment. It’s an investment of time and money that will go straight back to you. Whether you decide to become a yoga teacher, or are just doing it for yourself, your life will change either way. You will learn, grow, make life-long friends and join a community of like-minded people. Yoga Garden SF also offers different payment plans to suit your specific needs. Please email cathy@folksf.com to discuss more in depth.