Art Walk with Heather Beserra

Yoga Garden SF is excited to host HB Makes this Thursday at the Divisadero Art Walk 6-10 pm. Her watercolor works will be displayed in the studio, and prints and ceramics will be set up outside. Stop by, check it out, and say, “Hello”!

Heather, the face behind HB Makes, grew up in Boulder, CO exploring the mountains with family and now lives in San Francisco, CA experiencing the many excitements city life has to offer. Her life journey has shaped the values she attempts to live by:

  1. Feel the connection with family, friends and each person you encounter in life.
  2. Love the simple pleasures of every single moment.
  3. Experience the world through travel and nature.
  4. Create, it is magical.

HB Makes is an exploration of all these things. Heather appreciate things in their pure forms so you will find simple compositions, natural colors and organic shapes in her works. She is always experimenting with new mediums, and is forever inspired by the natural world and what is has to offer.

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