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Take Your Teaching to the Next Level: Yoga Alliance RYT500

It couldn’t be easier. You have already done a lot of the work, and we have put together the best financial option on the market.

If you are a Yoga Alliance RYT200 and graduated from Yoga Garden SF’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, you have completed 60% of a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification through YGSF. The hours that you earned in Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training count as 75 of the total 80 hours needed for elective credit in our program. And Yoga Garden SF has discounted the entire cost of the program by over 44% through the end of the year.

The rest of the 500-hour certification is split up into core curriculum and a 5 more hours from the elective of your choice:

Core Curriculum: Totals 185 hours (pick one of each module)

Elective Curriculum: Only 5 hours! (just 5 more elective hours)

Why complete a 500 Hour Certification?

  • Stay competitive with the industry. As Yoga grows to more areas of the world, the knowledge of both teachers and students expands. Some studios are already hiring teachers exclusively who have developed their basic 200 hour certification into a 500 hour certification.
  • As a YGSF Prenatal Grad, you have the option to pay for your certification on a monthly payment scale versus the total amount upfront.
  • If your 200 hour certification was completed at YGSF you don’t even need to apply. You are already qualified to join!
  • Included with your certification package is a one year membership of unlimited classes at Yoga Garden to keep your practice strong.

For more information and a complete breakdown of the program, click here.


  • Core Modules 1-3 (required, 1-3) each $975, $825  early registration, $250 deposit
  • Mentorship (required)  $580.
  • Register for Core Modules 1-3, Mentorship, and a 1 year membership to YGSF for only $2,950.  Purchase the package here.
  • Electives are priced per course, based on hour value.

Application for Admission

YGSF200 Graduates are automatically admitted, no application required!
No financial info required to apply! 

Answer a few important questions so we can better understand you and your practice.

You will hear from us shortly after we receive your application.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals!

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