Back Bends for Every Body Workshop


How to Bend and Not Break: Back Bends for Every Body with Nikki Saccareccia 

Learn the fundamental proper alignment techniques to incorporate into a variety of back bending postures with  Niki Saccareccia.  All levels welcome!

Back Bends are beautiful, feel-good postures that symbolize the lightness of an open heart and the courage of a strong spine. However, they are also commonly difficult poses for most body types and dumping grounds for compression and muscle strain.

This course is designed to raise awareness about natural and effective alignment that allows for safe, flexible postures. We will explore:

– Spinal anatomy and the evolution of the spine

– The anatomy of back bends

– Common causes of injury to the spinal segments from improper alignment

– How to stay safe during back bends in a multi-level class

– Modifications for students who have spinal or disc injuries

– Why back bends are commonly called “heart openers”

– The effects back bends have on the nervous system and the corresponding emotional/psychological factors

Tuition is $85 or $75 before August 1st. Earn 5 CEUs for this advanced studies elective.

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About Niki Saccareccia:


A Los Angeles based teacher, author and therapist, Niki Saccareccia is driven to remind her students about their birthright to mental health and physical wellness. Well known for her clear instruction and a gifted ability to distill complex lessons into tangible insights, and nearly a decade of experience working with patients. With her training in Behavior Therapy and Hatha Yoga, her classes are guided by a strong anatomic focus, using breath-driven movement as the gateway to self-knowledge and transformation. Learn more: www.LightInsideYoga.com