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Josey The Baker (JBB) is a small team of bread bakers who specialize in freshly milled whole grain sourdough. Josey is the founder of the bakery Josey Baker Bread, and co-owner of The Mill, a cafe/bakery in San Francisco, CA that he runs with Four Barrel Coffee.

What does ‘great coffee’ mean to you? For us at Souvenir, great coffee means three things: community, quality, and care. We craft premium, small batch roasted coffee for people who enjoy taking a moment with a cup. We focus exclusively on the best brewed coffee for the everyday coffee drinker, and proudly provide a conscientious, low-waste and green product. We see community as an eagerness to engage those around us, and to make positive changes in the lives of those with whom we come into contact. Many of us have met new opportunities, our friends, and even partners through coffee, and we look forward to getting to know you too. Our motto at Souvenir is People first, then coffee.

Born out of the award-winning Flour + Water in San Francisco, Flour + Water Foods is a chef-led culinary brand for restaurant-quality, Italian-inspired products. Developed by co-chefs Thomas McNaughton and Ryan Pollnow to bring the craftsmanship of Flour + Water’s celebrated cuisine to the home table, the dried pasta offerings include Spaghetti, Elbow, Penne, and Campanelle, all crafted with certified organic, North American Semolina grains and artisanal bronze dies. Through Flour + Water’s partnership with Zero Foodprint, 1% of proceeds is used to team up with farms and ranches transitioning to regenerative agriculture practices. Find these noodles on grocery store shelves around Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, or online at FlourandWaterFoods.com. Check out their resturants here and their retail products here.

Gamescape is a friendly local game store (FLGS) located in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood. Gamescape strives to provide the latest that the world of tabletop gaming has to offer by continually updating a vast inventory of games to purchase and play, while also hosting a weekly schedule of game nights for patrons to participate in. Check our their offerings and events here!

Cellarmaker Brewing Company was founded in San Francisco’s SoMa district in 2013. The business is built around the idea that great beer isn’t just made on brew day; it’s developed over time during fermentation and aging. The growing mantra around Cellarmaker in the early days was that beer is truly formed in the cellar over days, weeks, months, and years with less importance being placed on the actual brew day. Cellarmaker’ is a play off that idea. Cellarmaker in SOMA worked with a 10bbl system. Cellarmaker closed the original production facility’s tasting room in December of 2022 and produced beer until May of 2023, and moved out of that facility permanently at the end of May 2023. Cellarmaker now has locations in Berkeley and Oakland where the beer is produced. These locations also serve as taprooms and both have kitchens serving pizza too! Cellarmaker opened Cellarmaker House of Pizza in January, 2019, introducing chewy Detroit style pizza and small elevated snacks to our repertoire that focus on locally grown, seasonal and sustainable resources. CHoP opened with a small 5bbl brewery that we decommissioned in August of 2020 due to size and space limitations. While we do not have any “flagship” beers, we have quite a few that are in the rotation more often than others. A few are Tiny Dankster Pale Ale, Dobis Pale Ale, Orange Julian IPA, Wild Gooseberry Chase IPA, Double Mt. Nelson DIPA and Coffee & Cigarettes Smoked Porter. We come out with 3-6 fresh beers per week! Never a dull moment at Cellarmaker!

The Shack is all about Love, Food, Music and having a good time. We are family friendly in the early hours when the place is packed with kids and families; later on it gets louder filled with all kinds of people out to have quality food and a good time.

Josey White and Kevin Cline began as friends from the Southern Mission neighborhood in 2006. They launched the front porch out of a desire to create a cool local joint with great food and friendly service. Southern Mission Hospitality was born. Jack Felton joined the team over 10 years ago. He brings his creativity, consistency, and emphasis on local foods to our southern cuisine. Felipe has been a stalwart for our team for 15 years. He’s the force behind our awesome brunch. We are good people serving good food to good people.