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Authored by: Brittany McBride 

Boxing Yoga ™ isn’t just for “Tough Guys” anymore. With an increasing interest for synergy between whole-body fitness and mindful strength training, men and women are packing into these innovative classes to combine their love of yoga with some kick butt boxing moves. The demand for well-trained yoga teachers is at an all time high.  In 2016 CNNMoney listed Yoga Instructor as #10 of the top 100 careers with a ten year job growth rate of 13%.  Scoring A’s across the board for quality of life and satisfying work that gives back to society by helping people transform their lives, it is no surprise that teaching yoga is considered one of the Best Jobs in America.

“It’s so great to go home with that feeling in my chest that I have all this personal power, both physical and mental, that I can use throughout my life.”

Originating in a London boxing gym to support recreational and competitive fighters, Boxing Yoga ™ blends yoga’s asana fundamentals with refined boxing technique to directly target improved sporting performance in a 60-minute class format. This hybrid class offers a whole body workout with yoga posturing that packs a one-two punch; building muscle tone and mental fortitude.

On seemingly opposite ends of the fitness–and energetic–spectrum, boxing and yoga merge midway providing shared psychological, emotional, and intellectual benefits that build confidence and personal empowerment. San Francisco yoga teacher and BoxingYoga™ coach, Martine Hamers, describes that this hybrid practice helps students “remain calm and focused” and “develop instinctive and intelligent reactions under stressful conditions.” After one of Martine’s powerful sessions, a long-time students offers, “it’s really about harnessing your power and perfecting your form. In every class, probably around Round 7 or 8, there’s a point where I feel unstoppable. It’s so great to go home with that feeling in my chest that I have all this personal power, both physical and mental, that I can use throughout my life.”

Boxing Yoga™ isn’t just for “Tough Guys” anymore

Boxing Yoga Teacher Training

In Martine’s weekly classes, students can expect to bob, jab and weave the whole body in a kinetic chain reaction utilizing core power and spiral dynamics of the spine. Her sequences explore movement patterns of the musculoskeletal system and methodically strengthen and stretch the entire body with a considered approach to alignment.

Since inception in 2011, the global demand for classes has increased so much that founders Garcia and Ekberg established the Boxing Yoga Coaches Association in 2015 to expand Teacher Trainings throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S. And the market potential continues to rise annually calling for more of these uniquely certified coaches to step into the ring. Think BoxingYoga™ is the career path for you? Martine Hamers will be coaching the first BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training Course of 2017 right here in San Francisco this February.  

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About Martine Hamers – Yoga Teacher and BoxingYoga™ Coach

Martine Hamers Boxing Yoga Yoga GardenMartine earned her RYT-200 designation through training with the Yoga Institute Mumbai in 2010 and has made several trips to India over the recent years to learn more about the yoga lifestyle.

In 2014, she completed a vinyasa yoga teacher training with David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner as well as a Yoga Anatomy and Breathing course lead by guru Leslie Kaminoff. She has practiced and taught yoga in studios in Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and San Francisco.

To deepen her practice, Martine currently studies yoga therapy under the guidance of Kate Holcombe and completed her BoxingYoga Coach certification with Kajza Ekberg and Matt Garcia. While she has explored various yoga styles, she enjoys teaching a powerful style class that creates energy in the body and stillness in the mind through asana.