Congratulations 200 Hour Graduates!

congratulations 200 hour teacher training graduates!

Congratulations 200 Hour Graduates!
Teacher training is no small feat, with hours of studying and practicing

  1. human anatomy
  2. asana
  3. pranayama
  4. meditation
  5. philosophy,
  6. yoga sutras
  7. sequencing & teaching
  8. and much more!
It’s a big commitment that will challenge you, pushing your physical, intellectual, and emotional edges. Ultimately, it is a life-changing experience that helps you build strength & confidence, cultivate clarity & compassion, connect to your self, find your voice and make an impact. Congratulations 200 hour graduates! We are SO proud of you and we look forward to seeing where this path leads you.

Have you been thinking about diving deeper and elevating your yoga practice? Do you want to learn more about your body and proper alignment? Whether you are wanting to be a yoga teacher or you just want to use teacher training for your personal transformation, 200 hour teacher training is for YOU! Make 2020 your year of expansion and connection, and join the Yoga Garden SF Family!

Learn more & attend the next Open House on January 13th at 6:15 pm. There, you can take a guided practice with lead teacher Christie Pitko and get a taste for what our programs and curriculum are all about.

Stay to meet & mingle with Garden Grads and enjoy kombucha and sweet treats.