Congratulations Yoga Garden San Francisco RYT-500 Yoga Teacher Training Grads!



Meet our Yoga Teacher Training RYT-500 Graduates!

In 2015 we saw our first year of graduates from Yoga Garden San Francisco’s 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Our 300-Hour Program allows graduates of a 200-hour program to receive their RYT500 certification.

What a journey! These students have completed some of the most rigorous and comprehensive training available to yoga teachers. We’re very proud to present each of these graduates their Advanced Yoga Teacher Training certificate. Not only have they accomplished their RYT-500 certification, but they have also accomplished their best selves as students, yogis, and teachers!

Sonya Genel:

“I have been teaching yoga for almost 10 years. I found the 300 Hour program with Jean was tremendously beneficial for review and refinement as well as introducing new tools for my teaching. It was an opportunity to deepen my own practice and I am really grateful for the wonderful community here. “


Cynthia Koch:

“When I decided to study the 300 hour teacher training, I was searching to understand why yoga was so transformational. I knew the poses, and how to teach them. I had some pranayama and meditations that I was doing consistently. What I didn’t understand was why I was changing. I didn’t really get how and why yoga worked. I wanted to understand why yoga was unravelling years of destructive thought patterns and habits more then any other modality had in the past. I found the answers. This program taught me the science of this practice. This program offered me a formula to understand how to heal myself and bring this power, this gift of connection and awareness through my words, actions and teaching. I am forever grateful.”


Maren Zweifler:

“The advanced studies program was something that I wanted to give space to, the freedom to breathe and be shaped in a flowing way without defined ideas of what I wanted it to be. I went in without definite expectations and I’m so glad I did.

The program felt both formative and co-creative, a unique and deeply reflective time when I learned about the subtler aspects of yoga, became more at ease with teaching and learned about the history and philosophy of yoga in an organic, naturally evolving way. ”



Paulina Julian:

“500 Hr program for me was a wonderful way to pause and give  myself the gift of time and good company with whom to delve deeply into the study of yoga. Doing this alongside other teachers and students passionate about the subject, made me commit even more fully to my own practice and my teaching.

The program allowed each of us to take our own personal routes of study, to be supported individually in honing our own talents and refining our particular skills as teachers. The studio and community environment make it easy to focus and create a retreat like atmosphere in the midst of our everyday lives.”



Sachi Doctor:

“As director and core teacher of Yoga Garden’s 300 hour teacher training, Jean Mazzei gifted us with her full wisdom and heart. She held an intimate space for us to learn, grow and transform in ways we couldn’t have conceived. Those days spent in the Air Studio were life-changing, and the lessons ever-evolving as I continue to practice and teach. I am forever grateful and humbled by the experience. ”


Shannon Handa:

“I can’t thank my teachers enough, for being so generous with their knowledge, and supporting me in becoming the teacher I am today. Yoga Garden will always be like a second home to me.”


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