with Dustin McCallister and Elaine Oyang

chaturangaIf you frequent a Vinyasa, Power, or any form of “Flow” class, chances are you are all-too familiar with Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation), including the dreaded chaturanga dandasana (low plank).

These movements are so fundamental to these styles of yoga that they are not often broken down and taught outright.

Join Elaine and Dustin for a two-hour workshop, Demystifying Sun Salutations. In this workshop, students will develop a functional understanding of individual postures and the flowing links between them, including:

-Alignment and anatomy of individual postures, with special attention to chaturanga dandasana

-Beginner, intermediate, and advanced transitional movements, including jumping

-How to build strength and awareness to progress in transitional movements

-Movements and poses that help prepare the body for full postures and advanced transitions

-How to access the postures safely without straining wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, and lower back

-Ways to modify sun salutation movements and postures for safety and ease

We will strip Sun Salutations and down to the core, examine the movements piece by piece, then rebuild and reintegrate them into practice, layer by layer. Sun Salutation variations, including origin and history, will be presented as well.
The workshop will leave you with a safer approach and a stronger foundation of these crucial vinyasa movements.

Tuition is $40, or $35 if you enroll on or before 2/28.


This course provides 2 Elective Contact Hours for YGSF 500 and/or 2 Yoga Alliance® CEUs

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Dustin McCallisterDustin came to yoga after more than a decade of studying Chinese martial arts. He was originally attracted to the raw athleticism of the practice. Dustin loves yoga as exploration–as a way to understand the relationships between the body, mind, and perceived experience.
Dustin’s primary teachers passed along a strong commitment to alignment. He likes to build classes by layers, adding on detail so students can access their bodies safely. Dustin ensures that students with a wide range of physical abilities and experience levels work satisfyingly and appropriately to realize the benefits of their practice.

circle-elaineElaine was first exposed to yoga in 2006 in Taiwan and soon became a devotee to Ashtanga Yoga. She was awed by its dynamic flow of movement, linking breath to body, and body to mind. In 2011, she traveled to Thailand for teacher training with Paul Dallaghan. Since then, she has returned two more times for continuing education on pranayama and female anatomy.