DIY Body Care with Essential Oils

Written by: Katrin Kuttner

Essential oils are a great addition to your yoga practice, home and body care. They were used in India for hundreds of years in devotional practices in the form of incense.

Today, industry has replaced many essential oils formally used in body care products with less expensive chemical alternatives. However, the numerous health benefits of essential oils have brought them back to the forefront of natural home, beauty and even healthcare. 

Your toothpaste might still feature peppermint oil and many natural companies are prioritizing the use of pure essential oils. If you would like to know what is in your cleaners and lotions, try DIY by adding essential oils to a homemade, unscented product.

Even though the essential oils are initially more expensive, a little goes a long way to help you save money from the expense of replacing beauty and cleaning products. Another added benefit is that you obviously know what you put in your cleaners, lotions and perfumes.

A Tip for less slippery yoga hands: 

One student pointed out that when we were rubbing our hands with pure beeswax, it made her hands stick to her yoga mat when trying handstand. Well, it turns out that Gymnasts use a very similar method to create grip.

First they spray water on the wooden bars to clean dirt and make the next step easier. Next they rub honey onto the bars and last magnesium carbonate (chalk) is rubbed on top. They sugar molecules in the honey create stickiness while the magnesium carbonate dries out the water. 

Summer Deodorant Recipe

Essential Oils:

  • Sage (to reduce sweating)
  • Thyme (look for a mild type or use very little, it is antibacterial and strengthens mind)
  • Frankincense (‘deep note’ in your mixture)

Add this to pure Rose Hydrosol (Rose Water) in a mister bottle and you are good to go. If you like it rather feeling like a lotion, mix the essential oils into a blend of Sunflower Oil, Shea Nut Butter, Lanolin and Aloe Vera. Create a consistency that suits you by adjusting the amount of carrier ingredients. Fill into a recycled roll on deodorant bottle or keep in a jar.


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