Featured Teacher: Alexandra Rossi

Alexandra Rossi is a mindfulness educator, doula, yoga teacher, and Program Director of  Yoga Garden Kids & Teens Teacher Training

With a background in early childhood education and a love for mindfulness and neuroscience, Alexandra has dedicated her practice and her teaching to children’s well-being.

(YGSF) Tell us about yourself!
(Alexandra) I was born in France, and lived in the southern part where I danced ballet most of my childhood. It was my first passion. Growing up, I wanted to become a dance teacher.

As a teenager, I became really interested in visual arts, and was inspired by teachers such as Van Gogh and Salvador Dali.

I traveled in Europe as an au pair, and later landed in Florida just to learn English with a one year contract. Now, I am a resident of the USA and I work with children.

(YGSF) What was your first job?

(Alexandra) My first summer job was at Montpellier Art Museum where I was paid to observe all of its most stunning French art while supposedly making sure that no one was touching the paintings. It started my second passion, painting and drawing.

(YGSF) Any fun hobbies or personal interests?

(Alexandra) I mainly draw and do collage lately. I love surfing, rock climbing, snow boarding, and hiking. Any time spent in nature or with children makes me happy.

(YGSF)  Tell us about your yoga journey.

(Alexandra) Yoga found me in Florida while I went to the gym in my early twenties. I started by going twice a week just after spinning class to help stretch in the Iyengar style. I realized I was hooked a few years later as I spent one year traveling coast to coast across the U.S. in my RV. I started my daily personal practice among trees and sunrises that year.

Then, my third passion was born — yoga. When I moved to San Francisco, I joined a yoga studio and practiced there daily. After 2 years, I did my first teacher training.

Naturally, I started by teaching children and families — it was my niche. I have been lucky to  join many schools and develop my yoga and mindfulness program over the years.

Teaching prenatal yoga was handed to me shortly thereafter by my teacher Jane Austin.  I have been striving to learn more about birth by taking a doula training this past year in order to help women in that amazing stage of life.

(YGSF) Aside from yoga, what are you truly passionate about?

(Alexandra) I am passionate about mindfulness and anything related to reducing stress in people’s lives. Also, I love traveling around the world to discover new cultures.

(YGSF) What is next for Alexandra?

(Alexandra) Teaching Kids and Teens Yoga Training at Yoga Garden, teaching in the Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, and studying mindfulness and meditation further.

(YGSF) Any exciting ventures ahead?
(Alexandra) I’m going to visit Japan, and I will teach my first yoga retreat in South of France

(YGSF) Intentions?
(Alexandra) My first intention is for my classes to promote a safe space to explore our body and mind.

My second intention is to influence people to spend more time loving and protecting nature.

My third intention is to be an instrument in helping fight for women and children’s rights, for their happiness and freedom.

(YGSF) We’re honored to offer her teachings at Yoga Garden, and hope you enjoyed getting to know Alexandra as much as we did!