Featured Teacher: Chase Bossart


Today we’re excited to sit down and get to know Chase Bossart! A yoga philosopher who has studied many years as the student of Mr. TKV Desikachar. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience through teaching and leading experiential workshops that demonstrate yoga philosophy’s practical applications in daily life. We hope you enjoy getting to know Chase, we’re honored to have him lead 2 workshops at Yoga Garden this January!

(YGSF) Tell us about yourself! What was your first job? Any fun hobbies or personal interests?
(Chase) I grew up in Seattle, WA and love the outdoors. I’m happy doing anything in nature, especially hiking and camping!

(YGSF) Tell us about your yoga journey. What style you started in, what path of yoga you are in now and what you look forward to in this journey.
(Chase) As a philosophy major in college, I went on a study abroad program to India. One of the courses was Yoga Theory and it just happened to be taught by Mr. TKV Desikachar. Though I knew almost nothing about yoga before the trip, I became completely absorbed by the clear, concise and simple answers that Yoga has for life’s most knotty questions. Yoga not only describes who we are, what our relationship with the world is and why we suffer, but it also gives great advice about what to do about it! I was hooked and have spent the rest of my life delving into it.

How I Came to Yoga from Chase Bossart on Vimeo.

(YGSF) How did you become interested in becoming a yoga teacher?
(Chase) I had studied with Mr. Desikachar for a number of years, and then on one of my trips to India to study with him, he kind of put his foot down and told me to start teaching. I didn’t feel ready, so I quit my job and moved to Chennai and studied with him for 2 years. Then when I came back to the US, I started to teach.


(YGSF) Tell us more about Yoga Well Institute.
(Chase) We provide trainings, workshops and online classes in Yoga & Yoga Therapy in the tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya & Mr. TKV Desikachar. We emphasize the practical application of yoga in daily life and value sustainable transformation, experiential understanding and relationship.

(YGSF) Aside from yoga, what are you truly passionate about?
(Chase) hmmm. I like to think of yoga as a science of conscious linking, which means that whatever we do has an effect on us, influencing how we feel, think, even behave…. which means its all yoga all the time!… I’m truly passionate about people finding their authentic selves and truly being themselves!


(YGSF) What is next for Chase?
(Chase) My wife and I are looking at buying a home!

Congratulations Chase! We hope you find the perfect home. Thank you for sharing your insight with us and we look forward to your upcoming workshops.

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