Forearm Stands and Variations Workshop

Around the holidays, its easy to get lost in the busyness and find yourself skipping the much needed “me- time” on your mat. Join us Dec. 5th for our Forearm Stands and Variations Workshop! A great way to switch up your practice, build strength, increase flexibility and center back in with your mind and body.


This workshop is for anyone interested in learning more about forearm stand and its dynamic variations. We will cover the basic alignment cues helpful to access the fundamental pose, as well as the skills to build strength and stability in the shape.

We will explore fun and funky forearm stand variations and dabble in the workings of the dynamic hollow back shape. You will leave feeling confident to integrate this pose into your daily practice.

This workshop will explore:

• The alignment cues necessary to access the fundamental pose

• The skills needed to build strength and stability in the shape

• Fun and funky variations such as the dynamic hollow back shape

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About Meredith Holt:

Meredith first stepped onto a yoga mat as a freshman transitioning into the college life. The yoga studio became her sanctuary and safety away from home- a place where she could shine and connect to her most authentic self. Four years later she moved back to her hometown of Ormond Beach, Florida and graduated from a 200 RYT training at Hot House Yoga. Now Meredith is a passionate vinyasa yoga teacher that offers the practice as an opportunity for individual and collective healing, empowerment, and love. Her classes balance strength with ease, and are focused, controlled, and alignment-based. Meredith teaches a strong vinyasa flow class, and loves to offer arm balances and inversions. She has been trained and continues to be inspired by teachers Erica Jago, Alexis Martin, Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig, Briohny Smyth, and Shelly Kwiatkouski. You can visit her website here.